First Chemo

My Chemo was scheduled for 0930 on a Monday. Evidently the R-CHOP regimen goes very slowly the first time because the primary drug Rituximab impacts some folks very strongly with some scary side effects. Initial dosing is low and progresses slowly for hours until all is administered. I knew if I had problems they would slow the drip or even stop it altogether. I had some scary moments where I had a hard time breathing but thankfully that passed just as I was about to tap out.

The other drugs in the Chemo cocktail went much faster. My favorite was Doxorubicin Hydrochloride or “Red Devil”. The stuff is so toxic it has to be administered by hand. Disgustingly red in color, the visual alone is nerve wracking. Something that color should definitely NOT be injected into my veins.  Hell, not even in yours for that matter. The stuff is simply vile looking, it even turns your urine red.

Other than taking over seven and a half hours to complete the Chemo it was all rather uneventful. I was never ill, never vomited and the worst was a sore butt from sitting all day. It dawned on me as my wife drove me home that I was simply blessed and standing on the shoulders of so many that struggled with Chemo in the past. How do you possibly thank so many people that endured so much over decades. The thought of others sacrificing and enduring so much was truly humbling. Peeing red was a bonus.


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