Happy New Year! Blood clots anyone?

So Chemo continues to be a breeze for me. No sickness of any sort, just some fatigue. The thing that caused me the most annoyance post Chemo was my PICC line. First it was saturation of the dressing for a few days post Chemo, followed by some really strong pain a few days later. It turns out I formed a blood clot in my neck. I learned blood clots can hurt like hell. Who knew?

It turns out it is not common but definitely not unheard of for this to happen. I was so geared up to think Chemo was going to suck and ruin my Christmas that to actually find out it was my PICC line was almost funny. Thankfully pain meds exists and with them keeping pain in check I can stay comfortable. Blood thinners are keeping the issue from getting worse, and they will be with me for a while.

I haveĀ  follow up with my Oncologist tomorrow to see how my blood counts are progressing and to see how the blood thinning drugs are doing.

For what it is worth, I still have my hair.


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