I’ve got a what?

It all started in early December, or rather it started to become something I could no longer ignore.

I am a very typical 45 year old man. Married 24+ yrs, 3 kids and a good job. My only problem was I have been feeling poorly for several months and it had begun to get progressively worse before Thanksgiving. I had dropped 35 pounds since the Summer and I was down to zero appetite. I knew something was not right so I set up my first Dr Appointment in over 5 years.

The Doc felt something that was out of place in my abdomen and did an ultrasound the same day. He called it a large mass in my abdomen. I realized a little later “mass” is a nice way of saying tumor so you don’t have to call it cancer yet. Next stop was a CT scan and some blood work. For some reason even at this point I was not even thinking cancer.


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