Pathology results are slow and mysterious

I met with my Oncologist again on the 16th with the hopes of learning a bit more. The Oncologist told me we are certain it is Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, but beyond that not enough detail has come from the biopsy to tell for sure. I learned the treatment plan was to be 6 chemo treatments of R-Chop at a minimum as results would dictate the future. I can’t say I was very happy and asked what else we could do now to speed the typing and staging of my cancer. Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask because I got a bone marrow biopsy for asking that one.

I think a bone marrow biopsy is something best left as a nondescript procedure that involves pain and odd sensations. I recommend having it done in the presence of someone that calms you and brings you comfort. My wife fit the bill nicely. Thank God for my wife, she is a never ending source of strength for me. I love her more every day and am in awe of her strength and perseverance.

First Chemo is December 22nd. With any luck I will still have hair by Christmas.


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